I teach a 12 week skill based program in which students are taught in a very condensed and deliberate manner so that they can understand how to execute excellent and accurate work. In a single session students that apply themselves (do their homework assignments) will complete one classical drawing and one classical painting. Students are expected to do a minimum of 3 hours of homework weekly so that they can complete their painting in a single session. Homework can be done here at the Atelier by appointment (FREE bonus sessions) or at your own at home.

This Classical Instruction course is $375*. This fee INCLUDES EVERYTHING. It is for your course as well as over $100 in artists materials (September 16th 2021 note: due to inflation the cost of materials has risen to $177 + tax therefore I will be raising my prices as soon as the current materials run out).

Please note: I ask all students NOT to buy anything themselves, I will explain why in our first class.

This course includes 28- 36 hours of instruction, as well as (up to) 20 hours of bonus private tutoring/homework sessions. Each class is designed to bring you up a level in your painting as well as learning new skills. Laura teaches her students using a super condensed and well-refined method in which they will learn to paint a portrait in 12 weeks.  The skills you learn here are transferable to other subject matter and the excellent results are repeatable.  In this class, students are also provided with a list of books and other materials that they can use to continue with a self directed fine-arts education which will keep them busy with new subject matter for a number of years. What I hear over and over is that it is impossible for people to get their heads around the process until they are immersed into her classroom and students are always glad that they invested in their own learning and skill. Students are always blown away by what the learn and I am always happy to see my students advancing.

The materials are currently valued at $177 and are yours to keep. These include: handouts, pencils, eraser, papers, newsprint, vellum, paint, large print of your choice, canvas, Masterson Artist Palette Seal (pan), paint, a palette knife and 22 paint brushes. This also includes the use of a professional atelier space and professional equipment for the duration of your studies.

*Flexible means: This is a three month course, I allow students four months to finish. This means: If you have a family emergency or any personal reason arise where you need to take time off, as long as you cancel your class in advance this will not count as one of your sessions (Please note: should we have another lockdown students can continue as soon as we can reopen). Flexible also means: whatever day and time of day works for your schedule, this is my full time job so I am able to work with your schedule. As well: I can largely accommodate students on weekends and evenings.

** $325 for returning students because you already own your supplies and will only need paint from me. You will be required to choose your own canvas and printing. You may also revisit the initial two days of theory if you wish to join a group that is just starting.

Student work

Student work

By following the steps the Master gives, students are able to create wonderful pieces

Student in the zone

The first steps to building competence and confidence

Focus on skill

Students are taught skills to create paintings like this on their own.

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