I have recently relocated my school to Guelph, from Kingston Ontario. While I am not opened at the moment (during COVID), I am available to run to private lessons for the same price.

I teach a 12 week skill based program, I am very flexible* for time. This Classical Instruction course is $375.

This includes 24- 36 hours of instruction, up to 20 hours of bonus private tutoring.This also includes materials that are yours to keep, these include: handouts, pencils, eraser, papers, newsprint, vellum, paint, large print of your choice, canvas, professional grade paint pan, paint and 22 paint brushes. This also includes the use of a professional atelier space and professional equipment for as long as you are my student.
Each class is designed to bring you up a level in terms of skill and you will also have an additional 3 hours of homework each week.

*Flexible means that while this is a three month course, I will give you four months to finish, should you have a family emergency or any personal reason arise where you need to take time off. Flexible also means, whatever day and time works for your schedule.

Student work

Student work

By following the steps the Master gives, students are able to create wonderful pieces

Student in the zone

The first steps to building competence and confidence

Focus on skill

Students are taught skills to create paintings like this on their own.

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